Job Application - Bud's Goods & Provisions Corp

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Coming in May 2020: Sales Associate

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Core Competencies

  • Strong Communication Skills

  • Strong Competency in Google Applications (Drive, Sheets, Docs, etc.)

  • Tech Savvy

  • Strong Math Skills

  • Detail Focused

  • Strong Interpersonal Skills

  • Sales Etiquette

  • Strong Customer Service Focus

Job Duties

  • Dispensing Cannabis and Cannabis Products

  • Using a Point of Sale to Make Sale Transactions

  • Providing Assistance to Guests on the Sales Floor

  • Working the Reception Area Duties

  • Keeping the Sales Floor Clean and Organized

  • Managing a Cash Till and Point of Sale System

  • Assisting with the Opening and Closing Procedures

  • Restocking of Supplies

  • Performing Side Work Duties 

In Depth

The Sales Associate guides the guest through their retail experience and dispenses cannabis and cannabis products in a sales transaction.  This position is responsible for providing the exact product selected by the guest, and maintaining compliance throughout the entire dispensing and sales experience.  The Sales Associate details proper use and administration, and ensures an overall terrific guest experience. The Sales Associate is supported by the Lead Sales Associate, Assistant Retail Managers and the Retail Manager. 

The Sales Associate is a friendly and professional presence.  The Sales Associate knows the menu, and has cannabis specific knowledge to answer questions from our guests such as strain lineage, use instructions, effects, and sourcing.  The Sales Associate represents the values of our brand and is considered an ambassador of our brand both on and off the clock. The Sales Associate meets our guests well more than halfway and ensures an easy, informative sales experience.   The Sales Associate will at times be assigned Reception Agent duties. This position at times works on the sales floor directly with the guests providing details on products, and even putting items in the cart with the guest.  

The Sales Associate follows all directions and training provided by the Managers.  The Sales Associate is well versed in our point of sale system. The Sales Associate is responsible for an assigned cash till during the shift, and verifies cash amounts are consistent with sales reports at the end of the shift.  The Sales Associate is focused, and does not make routine mistakes, but rather learns and grows with any mistake. This position is considerate of all other retail employees and the challenges of every shift, and is responsible for supporting the next shift and keeping the store ahead of success.  This Sales Associate performs necessary side work and assists with opening and closing procedures.  

Starting wage is commensurate of experience.  

A Day in the Life of a Sales Associate

If you are scheduled to open, then your first duties are to complete the opening procedures.  If you are not an opener, then upon arrival you must check in with the Retail Manager or Assistant Retail Manager for any information pertinent to start your shift.  You may sometimes perform necessary side work before reporting to the sales floor. If you are scheduled on a point of sale station, then before reporting to the sales floor you check out your cash till with management, and confirm the cash amounts.   You assist guests with their transactions and provide an informative and positive guest experience. You may at times be taken off the sales floor for other tasks issued by management. You finish your shift by checking out your cash till, confirming the cash amounts, and closing out your sales with a manager.  You will sometimes be scheduled in the Reception Area.


Full Time. Weekends and holidays may be required