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Security Lead

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Job Duties

      Provide a safe environment for our staff and our guests.

      Maintain the safety and security of the entire premises.

      Manage the security systems: surveillance, alarms, access control.

      Provide after hours on-call support as needed.

      Schedule and oversee monthly security test/audit with the security vendor.

      Prevent unlawful access into the retail by minors.

      Prevent theft and diversion of cannabis and cannabis products.

      Create a positive impression for every guest.

      Remove certain persons if the situation requires.

      Manage the cleanliness and maintenance of the parking lot and store front.

      Manage the lines and flow of guests into the retail.

      Communicate issues or concerns with our security systems vendors.

      Manage the security attendants.

      Report to company managers and officers.

      Attend weekly meetings.

      Represent the company in the community.

      Perform compliance audits.

      Maintain compliance and safety files.

      Perform and track basic building maintenance details.

      Coordinate the recurring emergency response trainings.

      Develop security procedures that align with the growth of the company.