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Inventory Specialist

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Job Duties

      Manage the compliance of all cannabis products.

      Organize the vault and know exactly where every item is located.

      Provide real time reporting of inventory par levels.

      Forecast inventory needs using all available data. 

      Assist with putting together purchase orders for cannabis inventory.

      Perform routine audits to confirm all inventory is present.

      Manage compliance using the Metrc cannabis tracking system.

      Facilitate the intake of all cannabis products.

      Perform inbound and outbound transfers in Metrc.

      Confirm quality control of all cannabis products.

      Confirm proper storage of all cannabis products. 

      Confirm all labels are current and compliant, and re-label as necessary. 

      Ensure products are in a First In First Out (FIFO) organization.

      Manage and keep current the standard operating procedures of inventory control.

      Support the coverage of shifts when needed by the Retail Manager

      Manage all quarantined products as dictated by the Cannabis Control Commission.

      Manage all returned cannabis, accessories, and other merchandise. 

      Prepare and reconcile cash drawers.

      Communicate with the retail manager about foreseeable inventory needs.

      Order packaging and labeling materials.

      Manage the compliance and organization of the vault.

      Assist the Retail Manager with cash handling and cash security.

      Assist the Retail Manager and Leadership Team with purchasing of cannabis and cannabis products.

      Manage the product menus and communication regarding product availability.

      Portion, package, and label cannabis flower only as needed.

      Provide reports to the Leadership Team.

      Track market trends in order to forecast inventory needs.

      Anticipate holidays and seasonal events that effect inventory needs.